Health IQ

Health-IQ is an online healthcare program that offers organisations better knowledge and understanding of health and wellbeing issues faced by their employees. With Health-IQ your employees will be engaged with a highly valued, personalised experience that includes targeted health information and interactive risk assessments, coupled with professional ongoing support and advice.


How the Health-IQ program works

Health Check Profiler

Each employee is guided through a quick questionnaire about their health, history, habits and areas of interest which measures their current health status and risk of future illness.  A personalised comprehensive health report is generated with tips on how to make changes for the better.  This information is used to build a profile of each individual, which means the information they receive is highly targeted and relevant.


At regular intervals individuals receive targeted health and wellness information that has been carefully matched to their personal profile and delivered via an email titled Healthbytes.  These are most effective at delivering short, high-impact ‘bytes’ of health and wellbeing information.


Behaviour Change Programs
Based on each individual's unique profile Health-IQ will recommend lifestyle programs.  Once the employee starts the program they will be guided through a weekly online series which takes them through various stages of the program including reading materials, tools and quizzes, planners and trackers, an online diary and more.  Programs include Resilience, Weight loss, Exercise, Smoking cessation and Stress management.


Employees have access to a comprehensive website that includes extensive libraries of health and wellness articles, drug, procedure and condition encyclopaedias, interactive quizzes, tools, calculators and much more.


Using anonymous data gathered from individual profiles, employers are able to access online dashboards, aggregate information and create meaningful reports that provide a valuable insight into the health of staff.